Spooky, Fun Photos - A Halloween Treat!

Now that we've gone through vacation photos and back-to-school shots, it's time to have some fun with our Halloween pictures! Follow these simple steps to your perfect Halloween shot:

1.  When using flash, get close enough to your little subject allow the flash to light everything in the frame. Tilt the camera (like seen below) for a journalistic feel. (And don’t forget to fully charge your camera to make sure you’ve got the extra juice those flash shots will require!)

2.  Have your kids act out their costume. Have your little tiger show his paws or the witch ride her broom. It’ll not only be adorable, but your kids will have a blast pretending!

3.  Scariest face – Have your kids make the scariest, silliest face they can! This will produce many memorable photographs to show their first-dates, and is excellent for bribery to do their chores.

 4.  Lighting – While using flash is a good idea to get your pictures clear, try using some without the flash. Maybe have your kids hold a candle, or do the super-scary flashlight pose (underneath their chin). Make sure to place it on a tripod (or a chair, railing, anything that will hold it at the right level will work) so the picture turns out clear!

5.  Lastly, get a shot of the kids at the end of the night with their mounds of candy so they will one day understand where their cavities came from. 
*If your little one has a mask, make sure to grab a shot with the mask and without it. I look back at some of my old Halloween photos and wonder who that crazy-haired blonde is behind the leopard mask.

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  1. Hi Julien, those are great tips. Have you ever taken a photo of the pumpkin after it is carved with the candle? I have a great one I took when my youngest was 7. It glows! Happy Halloween. Brenda

  2. That's a really great idea! I haven't tried that, but I bet the picture turned out really cool! Happy Halloween to you too! :)